January 18, 2019

Why do we feel so insecure?

Heather McManus


Thanks in no small part to the influence of social media, relationship insecurity has become a major problem for so many young people. The pressure of having to portray a relationship worthy of an Instagram story can land couples in a sea of self-doubt. By comparing our appearances and relationships with carefully-selected, well-lit and overly-filtered snapshots of other peoples lives, is it any wonder that we so often find ourselves questioning whether we are worthy of our partner’s love?

I wanted to write a song that encapsulates the all-so-familiar feelings of insecurity our generation experiences on a daily basis. ‘When You Coming Home?’ tells the story of a young woman glued to her phone, questioning her self-worth and anxiously waiting for her partner to return home from a night out.


When You Coming Home?
Written and produced by Corin Anderson
Lyric video by Heather McManus