January 15, 2020

Why do we feel shame suffering from mental health? Why do feel we cannot speak openly about our feelings, for fear of rejection or ridicule?

Gail Paterson, 44

Throughout our lives we suffer from grief, low moods, depression, stress, mental health. We push it deep down into our souls and try and carry on as ‘normal’. But it’s not ‘normal’ to hide from these emotions, this allows the soul to be consumed by darkness, bitterness, hatred and emptiness. The loneliness, and then comes the guilt for feeling the way we do. In a world where we are expected to smile, be happy and say “I am fine” when reality is no-one is “fine”. Life is a journey where you will lose loved ones, lose pieces of yourself along the way. You will feel utter despair at times, even to the point where you see no point in carrying on. Friends and relationships disappear from your sight and fade; is it real, or is your mind playing tricks on you? But you must carry on your journey, don’t give up, face the pain and the demons to finally see the light and love through the darkness. Listen to the birds, look up at the sky, the rainbows and stars at night. Breathe… just breathe. Keep going, you will see the light again and feel the love.