Written WordHeart Break, 2021

It’s not enough for me that people read my cautionary tale. I’ll only be happy when they heed it. The purpose of the piece addresses my failed dalliance with steroids(I actually got fatter on them!) but I hope that those who read it identify with either of the two main characters. Those who identify with the main characters lack of self-esteem and overweight appearance will – if I’ve done my job right – address the REASON they are overweight which can only inspire them to lose weight. The others (who identify with the muscleman character) who are fit, perhaps attractive, will also address the why behind their love for the gym. You see what I think (At the risk of sounding egotistical) is clever about the tale is that both archetypes of reader will find something here. Both will come to understand that the driving force behind exercise – and perhaps everything whatsoever – is the need to impress the opposite sex! That’s it. That’s why it’s not enough for me that others read it but that they heed it. And I can’t do that. Not without your help.