January 16, 2019

Why do we always bury our heads in the sand?

Michael Kay Terence, 27

With everything that is happening in the world around us we find ourselves so uncertain about the future and what it might lead to. Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to turn off and forget, but that is wrong.
The question isn’t so much “why shouldn’t we bury our heads in the sand?” but why we shouldn’t. The artwork’s main objective is to acts as a catalyst for discussion, however the work mustn’t be viewed merely by the artist intended meaning. But to be elevated by the discussion that is happening around it. If art can do anything it can be used as a tool for change and help people find a voice to express how they see that change.


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Sutherland will be home for the first space station in Britain as it is in the perfect position for low orbiting satellites to be launched from. In recent years Sutherland, Highlands and Caithness have spent a lot of time and money reinvigorating the community through the environment, natural history and the heritage of the area. The proposed Space station will be situated outside Dornoch, located in an environment where the natural eco system is thriving. It was put to a vote for the local crofters to decide, however they ended up not taking part, and so the proposal was successful with a majority of 55%. Myself being from this area, I feel it is a massive step backwards with regards to what the local councils have been promoting. So, to get them back and to take the piss ever so slightly I will be launching the first ever eco-friendly space rocket from this exact site.