September 4, 2021

Why Do We Allow Ourselves to Be Separated?

Sonya Macdonald

PoetryNow, 2021

My understanding of the ways in which humanity divides itself is unique to my own perspective. But I know I’m not the only one who can’t bear to keep hearing and seeing the same old divisive stories dressed up in different clothes, the endless changes of personnel, the repeating of the same message from the same podiums. There are so many of us alive at this time, more than ever before – our potential is limitless. I look at the ways I create separation from what really matters to me in my own life – from people and environment. I want to be supportive as well as supported. I want to try harder, give more. It is possible to take back our togetherness from the hands of those who have so much to gain from our disunity. Generosity is a powerful form of rebellion. Sharing resources, care and attention leads to genuine connection. Genuine connection increases solidarity. Solidarity equals power. It has been said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” If this is true, what do you need? What can you offer? Will you join me?