January 11, 2020

Why do those in poverty die young?

Stephen Bennett, 46

Why do people who live in poverty die young? And why do one in four men in Glasgow die younger than anywhere else in the UK? In episode four of Darren McGarvey’s Scotland, the activist and prize-winning author is on home turf exploring what researchers and politicians simply call the ‘Glasgow Effect’ which masks just how ugly the reality is. Going behind the statistics to find out, Darren meets a man who’s had so many heart attacks he’s become indifferent to them, a heroin dealer that has made peace with what he sells, and discovers that living next to so much derelict land has a pronounced psychological impact. But this isn’t ‘poverty porn’ or some dry current affairs style programme. Instead as Darren meets those caught up in its grip he uniquely explores his own issues. This is one of six episodes in which Darren, myself (Director) and the production team wanted to help an audience understand the wider impact of poverty on individuals. Told with a mixture of insight, passion and gallows humour, Darren ends the series with a single plea for political change: can we make poverty illegal one day?

Why do those in poverty die young?, 2019Documentary (TV)