PastelI Can’t Breathe, 2021406mm x 305 mm

Why do they do it? Age 18-68. Is it because they love the job, helping and caring for people, and the great job satisfaction and camaraderie within the work place? Is it because they like the thanks and gratitude of patients and seeing them get well? Could it be it’s what they’ve always done, it’s well paid and they thrive on stress? Maybe they do it to see their limitations in knowledge and skills while under pressure or that they see people physically and emotionally broken? Is it that they often fail to make people better or improve their quality of life, or they like to be verbally and physically abused? Maybe it’s because of the backache, leg and feet pain, or the feeling of complete metal and physical exhaustion? Is it because they want to age prematurely, feel sleep deprivation and dehydration? Perhaps since Covid they take pleasure wearing enhanced PPE, not being able to hear, see or breathe properly? They run, sweat and still perform complex tasks and calculations, and still go on. Why do they do it?