April 29, 2021

‘Why Do Smells Evoke Such Strong Emotions?’

Sara Stroud

VideoAndrostadienone, 2021

My work is about processing emotions. Our olfactory receptor is connected to our limbic system, it is the most ancient and primitive part of our brain, thought to be the seat of our emotion. My artwork helps me process my emotions and navigate life experiences. This work deals with loss, the intimate connection between two people. What we leave behind physically and energetically. My connection with the jumper was more than it should have been. The scent tapped into a primitive part of my brain. The connection to the deeper smell was probably related to the smell of my father and being cared for. My Father and Step-father died in quick succession. My 12 year relationship ended. This film explores my relationship with a young man. I wasn’t attached to him, but his scent connected to my soul. The tender part that was cared for by men as a child and the woman who has been in lockdown alone for a year. Camera movements are physical, my body and breath succinct. My work is not planned. I write, film and work intuitively. This film celebrates the beauty of experience. Grief has taught me; we are here for a short time.