Oil on CanvasOld Habits Die Hard, 20201m x 1m

In 2020 during daily exercise I came upon Crow. Birds were singing, the natural world humming, it being unaware that we were in lockdown. I felt enormous sadness at the sight of crow’s head hanging limply, his feet tied with gaudy plastic string. This intelligent creature who can consume tons of polluting waste, tons of grubs that farmers consider pests, was shot and hung. I discovered this was the habit of farmers, who believe that the lifeless body serves as a warning to other Crows. Some human behaviour is based on history, culture and repetition. We betray our humanity when we treat non human life with contempt and carelessness. We are all of us a collection of physical matter, whether covered with feathers scales or skin, and we each have a part to play in this world. Proponents of Ecocriticism suggest that the world is constantly changing, and that interdisciplinary discussion is crucial to encourage new ways to think about what it is to be human, and how we interact with other species. Looking ahead, artists who record from within the world can create discussion, and sometimes act as a vehicle for change.