April 29, 2021

‘Why Do Modern Western Humanity Intent To Survive Without Balance?’

Johann Booyens

MonotypeSand, Steel And Stone, 202170cm x 50cm

Akin to the mind body problem, the dichotomy of story vs. reality is one seldom addressed by the modern western mind. Whilst science explores the physical cosmos and develop ever newer technology, we seldom consult the dream and the spirit of nature as serious sources of information. Science asks what is matter and what is real, but seldom asks what matters and seldom investigates the phenomenological nature of reality. My work seeks to explore the physis of the built environment, geometric and ordered, juxtaposed to the irrational poiesis. We intrude the organic natural world with a praxis of financially squared resources. A re-read of nature as dramatic reality and valuable would not only serve us well, it is needed to save us.