May 29, 2021

Why do I Need to Escape?

Joseph Hollas

PlayLiquiquotine, 2021

I’m someone who relies on certain substances to get me through the day – coffee, cannabis… water, sleep, life. I’ve been this way for years and last year things came to a head when, during the pandemic, everything was put into perspective and I began to evaluate my habits. I decided that I wanted to explore my relationship with drugs and my need to escape. As a playwright, the best way for me to do this was to write a play. My mind is constantly thinking in terms of characters and story, so this was the outlet most effective for me. ‘Liquiquotine’ is a very personal piece for me. It explores my own identity – being born and living in London and then moving to Scotland and discovering myself all heavily influence the places in the play. I include an exploration of gender identity as I believe the lack of representation is one of the many things about theatre in this country that is lacking (as well as female and racial representation). The story is wholly funny, whacky, interesting and imaginative. This is a mad, fantasy place called ‘London Town’ which has allowed for all manner of out-the-box-type characters