Crayons PastelThe Carousel, 2020

Why do I have this dream? A carousel, with a mountain in the background. Everything is too bright: it is a dream I suppose. The lights fudge together, and the carousel goes around too slowly. It crawls. And the strange thing; there is never anyone on it. Periodically, I have this dream. Maybe once, maybe twice a year. Always the same. The mountain colours fudging in the distance, and the carousel moving around too slowly. What does it mean, I’ve often wondered? And the other complication is the fact they I can’t quite seem to get on it. I’ve tried, but somehow I’m unable too. Similar to trying to get through a tunnel in a dream, I have difficulty with that too. Just can’t seem to pass through. In an attempt to understand the reoccurring dream I have drawn it. I’ve used crayons, and pastels to get that alarming brightness. I dont think I’ve succeeded. It’s still not bright enough. Maybe it means I can’t quite get onboard life itself. I’m searching for something, trying to get some major plan of the ground. Maybe, who knows.