April 14, 2021

Why Do I Ask When It’s So Hard To Trust Compassionate Answers?

Ria Bronte | Eloise Kretschmer, 24

VideoWhy Do I Ask When I Find It So Hard To Trust Compassionate Answers?,

Not taking time to resolve some questions or consider productive, understanding answers leaves me in an anxious, indecisive and reactionary state. In the poem I express the chaos of this fast paced, confused voice in order to show the disorientating effects of a lack of self determinism/resolve and therefore emphasise the importance of paying attention to our minds inner narrative. Because though clear answers aren’t handed to us and can’t always be objectively achieved, I think there can be some certainty, safety, direction and groundedness when we have the strength, belief, patience and willpower, to reframe our attitude and be our own “guiding hand”. I think an important stepping stone to improving mental health in this way is first recognising what the voice in our head actually sounds like by expressing it in art, like I’ve tried to do here. In that way we see it for what it is, and challenge it if it hurts us.