January 31, 2022

Why Do Humans Seek Solace in Nature?

Evie Rose Thornton

Acrylic on CanvasUntitled 17, 202161 x 61cm

Humans have always sought out the solace of nature and the restorative effect it affords. This painting is an exploration into the allure of these natural environments and the impact it has on the people that experience them. Throughout this pandemic and all the restrictions that came along with it, the world became smaller for everyone, and I think this has had a profound effect on the entire population. It has forced us to slow down and look around at the people we interact with and the world we live in.

Daily exercise amongst the landscape became a lifeline for many, and I have been exploring the connection between place and people by focusing on capturing that moment of freedom, where the trivial minutia of the every day falls away and allows you to connect with your surroundings. The focus of this work is the East Lothian coastline and captures the epic weather and light that moves across the Scottish landscape. By capturing this moment in a painting, the viewer can experience that connection with the natural world and the calm recuperative feeling that this work evokes.