January 31, 2022

Why Didn’t the Bell, Tree, Fish and Bird Work?

Roderick Aber Crombie Smith

Drawing on Paper to PDFThe Artist That Never Drew/the Writer That Never Wrote, 2022

It took a near fatal car accident and one of the last flights out of Los Angeles as Covid-19 shut down the world for me to return to Glasgow after being away for ten years the one act that kept me going through lockdown was cycling through the city and absorbing the sights and textures and releasing them into sketch books.

I published my second book, Some Kind Of Angel during the lockdown and created two murals. One an installation with Jackarts, on West Graham street. The other, enhancing the ugly chip boards covering the Polo lounge. I dutifully loaded up my bike with a set of ladders and paint and made my way through Glasgow Green. It was not a paid job. It was not about the money. To create in a time of lockdown, was an act of determination. I would even cycle through the snow and grab a flask, sit in the Merchant City and sketch on a stone bench. This series of drawings and captions are the residue of various sketchbooks and journals that hopefully capture a mood of the time.