May 24, 2020

Why did you ruin the Happy Birthday song?

Sophie Grindlay

Short storyLove from Miss Wild, 2020

What is going through the mind of a 5 year old who is no longer allowed to play with her friends? To be carefree on the swings and slide in the park? To touch objects in a shop on a whim? Who begrudgingly mutters the Happy Birthday song at least 10 times a day when washing her hands? I witness my daughter’s new childhood unfold. Her anger, frustration and loneliness. Big emotions bubble to the surface, it’s confusing for such a small person. The beginning of 2020 is the dawn of an unfamiliar and scary new world for an adult, let alone a small child. So, I wrote “Love from Miss Wild”, a letter filled with love to my daughter and all of the children missing from the playgrounds and parks. Miss Wild is a small child with big & funny thoughts on the current global situation. She’s had enough and wants to tell the world what she would much rather be doing instead! It’s a letter of hope in the form of a short rhyming children’s story. It acknowledges a small person’s perspective of lockdown, offering laughter and comfort but most importantly reminding children they aren’t going through this alone.