January 29, 2021

Why Did It Take Me So Long To Find My Voice?

Dawn Elrick

SongPreen By Sulks, 2020

For years I have watched myself and friends except certain behaviours that I would now consider unacceptable. I did not challenge those behaviours and even excused them… but I have not forgotten them and they have burned in the back of my brain over the course of years, even decades. This song is a response to those behaviours. The song calls out an array of situations that I, and others, have endured. Now I call to the power of the collective voice of women and how there can be strength in our anger- our wild counterparts. This is not a song about one man, one incident- it is not about a someone but if you have behaved like this then it’s about you. This song is also about finding my literal voice. I am not a natural musician or a natural singer. I can play a couple of chords on guitar and have Garageband on my phone. I have only ever worked in collaboration musically and depended on others to help me express myself. But this song represents my first solo project- the first time I’ve truly found my voice.