January 28, 2021

Why Did I Fall In Love With Bollywood During The Pandemic?

Rosie Wilson | Backgrounds Designed By Freepik, GarryKillian, Kotkoa, Lukasdedi, Macrovector, Mariadetarosarinda, Olga_Spb, Pikisuperstar, Rawpixel.com, Visnezh (Free License).

Pen, Watercolour, DigitalHindi Filmstars, 2020

This is my tribute to Indian cinema for keeping me dreaming throughout the monotony of the Covid-19 pandemic. I fell in love with Hindi films at the beginning of the UK lockdown and (definitely) watched over 100 in 2020. I produced this series of illustrated portraits to thank these filmstars for the stories that kept me distracted, amused and moved throughout this isolating and frightening period. Overall, I hoped to celebrate film’s ability to connect people. Films connects us by creating a sense that we are together when we are apart, and by teaching us about other cultures and one another. Therefore, we should all take advantage of the unprecedented access we have to international films, especially during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.