February 22, 2020

Why can’t we see in the dark?

Felix Hicks-Watkins

Graphite PencilLoneliness and I, 2020A4

Why can’t we see in the dark? is about loneliness. I wanted to draw a visual representation of how it feels to be completely alone. I wanted to capture the sorrowful look in their eyes as they gaze at the audience as if they are longing to be with them, but cannot. The piece is not just about being without friends or family, it is about how you can shut out the world when you are struggling mentally. I have dealt with depression myself and have been through the self-sabotaging act of pushing people away because my brain will trick itself into thinking I’m better off alone, when in fact I’m painfully lonely. Why can’t we see in the dark is a question asked by a mentally ill individual, desperate to see through the darkness of their depression and find company to make their world a little brighter.