September 25, 2020

Why can’t we see a person beyond their degenerative illness?

Andrina Sinclair, 18

My piece is based on looking at alzheimers, a disease which destroys the memory and thinking skills. By showing how it affects my grandfather personally, who is in the last stages. From how it makes him feel isolated and alone, but also doesn’t define him. From using graffiti it allowed me to create vibrant colours and photorealistic abstract to communicate how he is still a defiant and strong character, yet allowing to show the breakdown in communication within himself. As well as revealing the underlying issue of people who have Alzheimer’s no longer recognising who they are. The background surrounding the portrait connects to the illness as the waves show the way in which words are viewed inside his head making him unable to communicate with the outside world and feel trapped inside his own body. This portrait shows the daily struggles the illness takes on a person, however the bold and strong stencilled lines show that Alzheimer’s will never take away who they were or the memories loved ones have of them before.

Lost and forgotten, 2020Graffiti paintUnknown large scale