AudioNo Rain, 2021

Why can’t we express the things we feel?

Why is expressing emotions so difficult?

Is it a personal challenge, is it our culture, is it how we were raised?

Yet we can express so much in a song. A song allows us to write in the third person, to be detached, enabling more freedom to say what we feel and to describe our thoughts as an observer.

What do we miss when we can’t tell someone how we feel for them?

Do we miss the opportunity to connect with others and create the chance for happier and healthier relationships?

The song ‘No Rain’ captures the passing of time and the power and depth of family relationships. Even when time together is coming to an end we still hold back and when we ask someone how they feel they respond, ‘well at least there’s no rain outside.’ A sad, stoic but hopeful response that brings us back into daily life, prevents us dwelling too much on how we really feel and allows us to move on.