October 21, 2020

Why can’t we embrace a storm?

Jennifer Hall, 30

Growing up in a Scottish tourist town made me realize how over romanticized landscape art is. Delicate and composed on a perfect weather day. Seen through rose tinted binoculars. It didn’t reflect Scotland’s true nature, beautiful and rough,unapologetic and dreich in a powerful and brilliant balance. 2020 brought a massive dark storm over all of us, but should we shy from it? Make it pretty? Make a sob story and moan? Make it personal? Or let it run through us and make us harsher? Stronger? Embrace the dark and make our work reflect our true nature? 2020’s rough, but so is Scotland. Dreich, raw, stoic and beautiful. Let’s be honest.

Can we embrace the Storm?, 2020Oil on Canvas9 x 12 inches