October 25, 2019

Why can’t the world seem to get a good night’s sleep?

Colin McGuire

PoetryBed Is A Pleasant Country, 2013

The world appears to be in a constant state of conflict, competition and corruption. It can be hard to see a way out. The poem seeks to imagine a new kind of country, a Utopian-State as an antidote to that instability. It is a country where everything is imagined from the nurturing restful space of bed. A place where bed is a country and a good night’s sleep means a well-rested and even-tempered nation.

Through the lens of bed, I try to imagine, with a light heart and a touch of humour, what a world that values the well-being of its citizens as the most important criteria for life might look like. Bed is a great leveller. Each of us must go to sleep every night. There is a great equality in that; despite conflicting belief systems, there is something so human, so vulnerable about going to sleep.

The underlying message is that it is the very vulnerability of bed and sleep that give them their power, and give us the power to imagine what the world might look like if we could apply the calmer more nurturing peace found there and bring it into the world.