CeramicsLab'Adore, 2019(H) 19cm (W) 16cm

My inspiration for this series derives from my own struggles as a female in the art industry and the negative comments aimed at the femininity present in my studio work. “Lab-Adore” is a range of ceramic Labrador dog heads painted in a variety of coloured glazes, with a diversity of patterns and decorations. Each one features a unique hand-crafted flower crown. Flowers have always held a deep symbolic connection with the female reproductive cycle, and both have come to represent new life in the world. My feminist inspired artwork puts the phrase “Man’s best friend” into question and takes it to a new level. Every one on my dog heads are unique as a way of rejecting uniformity and promoting self expression in an ever changing world. they also each have a beautiful shiny gold lustre nose for all to “boop”.