April 12, 2019

Why can’t humans and creature live as one in a united world?

Kris Anderson, 25 | Dylan Roberts, 22 | Fiona Stevenson, 30

People are too busy to take notice of the living going on around them, other then what’s on a small phone screen. Humans are becoming very selfish. Forgetting they share a world with other living things, and demolish without a care for habitats and environments forcing the extinction of species. All for humanity’s wants and needs.
Humans have forgotten how to work together with other humans and creatures forgotten how to be in synchronisation with beat of the earth’s core, the beats of many pulses, while sharing the same air and water.
The bird and the bees live in harmony, the flowers and the insects live in harmony, cats and dogs live in harmony. Animals, plants, flora, creatures of the land, air and sea live in harmony. But why can’t humans and the creatures of the world?
We need to connect back to nature and the roots of humanity, we are all one and should become harmony otherwise the world could be lost forever.


We Live In The Wild.