FilmTHE MUG, 2020

And I don’t just mean because of the pandemic, I mean… ever?

Once you step outside your door there lies a world of new and horrifying experiences. Just thinking about the insurmountable amount of things happening beyond your door is insane! It’s enough to give anyone an anxiety attack if they really stop to think about all the possibilities of the outside world. Why bother with new experiences when you can just shut it all out and live in your own wee world?

These are the thoughts that run through Jon’s head every day. Before one day he decides to go outside, get on a plane, and fall in love in a foreign land. He may be riddled with anxiety, and his actions make him seem like a character living in an old slapstick movie, but he fights his inner thoughts and insecurities, and his life improves as a result. Sometimes you just need to embrace this scary world, instead of hiding from it, and good things will happen. Why bother leaving the house? Because eventually you’ll be thankful that you did.