Digital PaintingWhat Goes On In Between?, 20212160x1620px

This self-portrait represents the frustration felt in my unerring ability to syphon the negatives from the positives. If an event in my life, or a message received is ninety per cent positive to ten percent negative, why does my internal interpretation reverse the ratio? It’s not even really pessimism, I’m not a pessimistic guy, but the gentle flutter of butterflies will inevitably enter my mind and leave as angry wasps. I believe it’s important that we recognise this is a common flaw (if it is a flaw), and that it in itself can hold us back through fear of self-loathing. I find it very hard to open up and verbalise these things. I’m hating writing this. It fills me with dread. That’s why I drew it. I can do that. Hopefully others will see this image and identify with it, and in recognising our shared angst we can resist the constant, unfathomable urge to slap ourselves about the ego. The work is a digital adaptation of an original pen and ink sketch.