May 27, 2021

Why Aren’t We Supporting the Homes?

Ella Davies

Mixed Materials Including Wool, Canvas, Nylon Thread, Tracing Paper, InkLooking After the Invisible, 2021

‘Looking After the Invisible’ surrounds Margaret- a wife, mother and friend who had moved from her home, into a care home. She, like many others, found this transition challenging, and expressed her desire to return home. As a carer, I hear this, along with other very complex and hard to hear feelings, far too often. I feel although very common, this is both a complex situation, and hardly discussed in society. Alongside this, the work aims to bring attention to the lack of support for care homes. They “have gone from being invisible and overlooked, to being in the public eye”. Prior to Covid-19, there was a lack of support for care homes, and this has only become more apparent in the past year. We are all getting older, so I find it hard to understand why, as a society, we do not care. As the world returns to some form of ‘normal’, our care homes cannot be allowed to return to being invisible and overlooked. For the wellbeing of care home staff and so that people like Margaret can live out their last days in dignity, we need to create change to support the care industry.