In Scotland, at present, care experienced people are portrayed negatively in fictional and news media.

This, can be drilled down to an absence of voice in a lot of this work, which is compounded further by the stigma society heaps on those with experience of the care system,

A stigma created by society’s own failings.

Sometimes, this is a purposeful action. At other times, it’s ignorant. In fact, even this award entry asks people for the postcode of their family home. For some in society, this just isn’t possible. Through no fault of their own. Yet the lack of that postcode shapes the world around them, closing doors as they go.

I have always been a storyteller, first as an escape and now as a way to empower myself and others to force society to recognise their role in changing the world alongside care experienced people.


This entry is part of an ever changing piece of work that I am using to chronicle why I do what I do. I return to it in moments of doubt. Sometimes, I’ll add to it. At others times I’ll remove parts of it.

It never fails to give me clarity.