July 12, 2019

Why are we still scared of our own choices?

Sarah Grant

FilmScare, 2019

Speaking from experience, your mind will never race as far and as hard as in the three minutes while waiting for a pregnancy test to develop. I wanted to show the breadth of emotions, hopes and fears that race through your mind, as well as the deep seated, hard-to-explain shame that radiates through your whole body. Despite women only being fertile for only 6 or so days a month for around 30 years of our lives (compared to the 365 days a year for around 60 years that men are fertile) the physical, hormonal and emotional responsibility of contraception mainly lies on women. With everything happening in Alabama and, closer to home, in Northern Ireland I wanted to show it is okay to say “I don’t want this”. I wanted to show why we are still scared to do so.