January 20, 2019

Why are we still not truly awake to climate change?

Ben Scrimgeour, 18

Taken at the Rebellion Day protest in London, this sign struck me for its simple, direct tone: “Awaken”. With one word it showed us and Westminster behind it exactly what needs to happen, we all need to wake up and listen to worries about the environment.
In daily life, people keep continuing to make excuses as to why they don’t help prevent climate change, why they won’t go vegetarian, or why they don’t sort recycling. Meanwhile, the government and media are “too busy” to cover it and hold corporations accountable for their carbon footprints, and punish them for not doing enough for the environment.
We’re all aware of climate change, we all know it’s a problem, but we need to awaken to its imminence and our effect on it. We need to stop pushing it to the background of mainstream media and seeing it as an issue for radicals. We need to wake up now. We need to shout louder. We need to do all this, and before it’s too late.