February 1, 2019

Why are we still fighting?

Kirstie Waterston


My entry explores gender inequality. Women may have the vote, but they still don’t have equality. The battles being fought more than 100 years ago are still being fought today.
We are still striving for parity in pay and positions, and an end to everyday sexism.
The juxtaposition of suffragette mottos and contemporary slogans of the Women’s March movement aims to highlight the fact that although we’ve come a long way in the last century, many of the issues – right down to the wording – remain the same. Now is the time to react, to pick up the mantle and continue to fight inequality.


Same Shit, Different Century
108 x 160cm

My work is a contemporary reinvention of the suffragettes’ handmade, fabric banners. Created from cotton in the suffragette colours – green, white and violet – my banner alternates the rallying cries of suffragettes with modern-day slogans from various marches which have taken place in the UK over the last 12 months. The mottos have been chosen and placed carefully, to read like a conversation between a suffragette and a 21st century woman. The phrases react to and provoke each other, I like to think of it as a battle cry building to a crescendo culminating in the two stand-out phrases of two huge movements – the contemporary #MeToo and a phrase that galvanised women to fight for their rights – Deeds Not Words.