October 10, 2020

Why are we masking the devastation covid-19 is having on mental health and suicide rates

Dylan Hart

Self-portrait photographyJust Breathe, 2020

As someone who has battled with depression and anxiety in every day life long before the modern day land of isolation and face coverings. As someone who is aware of the difficulties those struggling with mental health issues face trying to break through a deadly stigma. As someone who has experienced, witnessed how difficult it is to get help. A global pandemic, lockdowns, social restrictions, mass job loss, isolation. Put me in a state of funk, asking myself how, a failing system would cope with such a big hit on society’s mental health. That fear has turned in to a deep sadness knowing that our young people who have been severely let down – are more likely to die from suicide than covid or any other physical illness. We cant put a mask on that fact!! So what are we going to about it? Is it up to we, the people? Fund mental health!! Break the stigma!!