January 10, 2021

Why Are We All So Afraid To Show Our Emotional Lives And Private Selves, When We All Feel Joy And All Shed Private Tears?l

Joyce Davies

19 Are Drawings (Pencil, Marker Pens With Alcohol Ink, Sharpie Marker Pens, Pastel Pencils, Charcoal Pencils, Gold Metallic Pens) There Is One That Is A Risoprint. (Hidden Inside Is Another Me)Hidden Inside Is Another Me, 2021

A collection of recent drawings and one Risoprint all exploring human emotion and behaviour.

My career as a Psychologist allowed me to witness people at their most vulnerable. In this privileged position, my conversations gave me a glimpse into hidden lives. I started drawing two years ago and I find myself remembering many previous conversations with patients.

These conversations and experiences spill onto my paper whatever medium I am using to create.

People experience so many emotions and don’t always find a name for them. I hope my art shows emotions in a different way from the use of language.

I would love them to permit the viewer to identify with the images and perhaps find words for their own feelings. When I sit and draw or paint I never know what is going to appear in front of me, it always comes from inside, sometimes very deep inside.

My past, both the joy’s and the pain appear before me and it feels exciting to be producing something both abstract and concrete. I hope that each person looking at my work finds something important to them and that they find the strength to share their feelings with a friend.