November 4, 2021

Why Are Unreliable and Unsustainable Working Conditions Often Glamorised?

Sophie Stewart

Digital PhotographyZero-hour, 2021

The hospitality industry has the highest percentage (23-25%) of people that are on zero-hour contracts compared to any other business sector in the UK. Physically and mentally exhausting working conditions – I.e., being praised for picking up shifts with very short notice and working 60+ hour weeks, to name a few – coincide with these unreliable work contracts, creating unhealthy and unsustainable working lifestyles. ‘Zero-hour’ was created to challenge the acceptance of precarious working circumstances within the hospitality industry, particularly focusing on the misleading promises that companies advertise a zero-hour contract as. Although glamorised as a flexible and easy way for some to make extra money, the reality of this type of work is evident in the terms and conditions of the contract, as there is no real financial consistency or security. ‘Zero-hour’, therefore becomes its own advert to raise awareness of this type of work, highlighting the unreliability and brutality of these contracts and working conditions, and that it is time the hospitality industry abolished such contracts and made changes in the right direction for more sustainable and healthy lifestyles for workers.