October 21, 2019

Why are today’s Profiteers so insistent on the making of a profit?

Patrick Phillips, 34

Each year there are thousands of books published (still accelerating in number since the financial crash of 2008) that demonstrate clearly how today’s Profiteers make a profit, but never why?
For the last three years I have been writing a short political book which aims to understand and answer the question: why today’s Profiteers are so insistent on the making of a profit? And what alternative economic-exchange is available to us now? It is a book in which I look closer at the relationship between Nature and society. Below is an extract from Ways of Expressing, which will be published 2020.
‘Today’s ruling economic-exchange is that of the making of a profit.
This economic expression is not our own, but that of Profiteers.
Enclosure of our common land made such an expression reality.
It was an act of re-capitalizing existing landownership.
Before the enclosure movement, many landowners were already making a profit. But why the need to make even more of a profit? The need to feel eternal in pleasure is essential to our existence. Enclosure reorganised Time and Travel; all headed in the direction of the making of a profit.
Hence today’s global tyranny in their quest for eternal profit to feel eternal in pleasure.

Ways of Expressing, 2019Essay