January 25, 2020

Why are there approximately 70,000 autistic adults in Scotland without support who are suffering from poor mental health?

Stewart Burton, 47

Is it enough for society just to be aware of autistic people? Don’t get me wrong I am continually in awe at how far we have come in the last ten years, but it is just not enough. Approximately 2% of the world’s population is autistic. 140 million people worldwide. In Scotland, that’s 100,000 individuals, 20,000 more than the population of Paisley. Autistic individuals are 80% unemployed and 70% have poor mental health. This shouldn’t be. I believe if all businesses could be shown the economic benefit autistic people could have for them, then they would push change forward. Because they are not just individuals, they are a member of a family, part of our community. If we could make Scotland an Autistic Friendly country it would have such a positive effect on so many peoples lives. Imagine if we could become the world’s leaders in changing the autistic support paradigm. Getting the right support for the autistic community is not difficult, it just needs the right support. I know, I’m Autistic, a father, unemployed and have poor mental health, I can’t find any support and I’m desperate to work. Its time to change, time to act. The time’s now.

The Autistic Darkness, 2020Poetry