February 23, 2021

Why are the consequences of Parental Alienation denied in Scotland by those with the power to make a positive change for children?

Will Kay

PoetryAlien Nation, 2020

My poem is important because it seeks to make known more widely in Scottish society the real and damaging consequences to physical and mental well-being of the practice of Parental Alienation to both the children and the non-alienating parents who experience it. The concept, accepted as very real and legislated for across the world, is denied by many MSPs and many Scottish Family Law sheriffs. This results in the practice being ignored, thus condoned, even if unwittingly, by Scottish Family Courts. The outcome is often irrevocable damage to the relationship between children and alienated parents. The concept requires to become part of the Scottish cultural narrative, to be understood and addressed in the best interests of every child in Scotland. The poem conveys the feelings of emotional devastation of a great many alienated parents in Scotland.