February 24, 2021

Why Are So Many People In Britain Still Enthralled By A Toxic Nostalgia?

Louis Small

Film CollageBojo Mambo, 2020

I created the ‘Bojo Mambo’ in response to my anger at the prevalence of British nationalism and toxic nostalgia, especially in the past few years since the Brexit vote. Racists and reactionaries have crawled out of the woodwork, emboldened by the strength of right-wing populism on the world stage. Many of these individuals hark back to ‘a simpler time’; a hollow desire which is a guise for wanting to be able to attack foreigners and openly spread bigotry. The mambo ridicules this section of society and puts them back in their place; relics of an outdated culture, characterised by clips from redundant visual culture. Patriotic nostalgia is a farce; it only takes a glance at some of the content once deemed acceptable for broadcast to see how marginalised so many in Britain would have been at that time. It is crucial that this resurgence of bigotry is halted, and that progressive forces continue to work towards stamping it out. We must stop the societal regression which many, including our current government, wish to see.