Oil Paint, Written WordLove and the Sea, 202120 x 16 inches

As a Glaswegian working class woman, I am used to hearing “Fuck”. I heard it all through childhood (and beyond). There should be a restaurant called “The Ubiquitous Fuck”. It is used all the time, an adjective and verb for everything. Meaningless mostly but sometimes truly aggressive, uttered in anger. But why? “Fuck” means “to make love”, doesn’t it? Love and sex. What could be nicer? So “Fuck you” should be greeted with “How lovely. Maybe later thanks,” but I know this would invite “a Glasgow kiss” or more swearing. “Cunt”, “Screw you”, “Up your’s” etc. I find it odd and sad that the terms for the most intimate relationships between humans are used to express violence and anger. Is it a male thing? Women swear but they don’t have a penis to “screw”, “shaft”, or “up your’s”. The terms are active, expressing a wish essentially to rape. Maybe the usage, to be true to the aggression and anger should be “Rape you” – leaving love and sex out of it altogether. My poem and painting “Love and the Sea” explore love and sex: the antithesis of a threatening, violent shout of “Fuck You!”