January 31, 2020

Why are proverbs and quotes so powerful?

Constantine Zeus, 31

“Declare the Past, Diagnose the Present, Foretell the Future” (Hippocrates) Hippocrates is known by most as the “Father of Medicine” due to his large contribution to the discipline. From a young age I was always fascinated by such great quotes and always wondered what makes them powerful and timeless. Eventually, I realised that, it is because they apply, analogically on various occasions. That makes them facts. When I met Pam, and she told me her story of overcoming her alcohol addiction, I realised that, the Hippocratic quote has also a mental healing approach rather than just a physical one, which is mostly related with. Here’s my interpretation. “Declare the Past”. Be aware of the situation, and make a decision (mental). This is the constant reminder. “Diagnose the Present”. Have the will, and faith in yourself, and take action (physical). “Foretell the Future”. Your thoughts and actions, together, will determine your future. Make it the way you want it to be. Stick to it, day in and day out. This realisation made me understand how anything could be overcome by applying those principles. The portrait s are of Pam’s. Past and present, respectively.

Pam's Past, Pam's Present, 2018Alcohol based ink on PaperApproximately 297x420mm