December 30, 2019

Why are more men committing suicide?

Jamie Scot, 23

What is causing men to commit suicide? August 2015 changed my life. For better or worse I had a nervous breakdown that caused my body to vault the wall of the North Bridge and onto the tarmac below. Falling twenty meters can be fatal, but I was lucky. Scraping my way to survival at 8% with severe trauma to my femur, pelvis and humerus. Traumatic brain injury and a tear in the aorta. Two months in a coma and a year in hospital changed my perspective, from being a rational, atheist physicist confided to a physical, sensory and material world. To a new existence, where everything is ordered and chaotic simultaneously. Where it feels that everything is happening through a divine pattern. Where it feels that sharing this felt like it is the best thing to do at this point. Why did it happen? I don’t think it can be put with one event. It was caused by several acts betrayals of trust to a broken heart and with a sprinkling of drug abuse that put me on the tracks to this painful episode. Looking back, it seems that the people involved are preferring to leave the country then see

The Hanged man, 2019Oil paint; turps, linseed oil27cm x 29.7