January 5, 2020

Why are female gamers treated so badly?

Carrie-ann Hudghton, 37

I made this short documentary to help address the issues that female gamers face when they try to enjoy their favourite hobby. I am not only a gamer, but also a game collector, and I have been for many years now – yet other women  and I are either treated like dirt or hit on constantly and overall made to feel worthless just for playing games or showing an interest in gaming as a whole. I made this documentary to highlight an issue that most people don’t even recognise but I also wanted to show that women in gaming is not a new thing, by showing the history of women who, not only have played games, but also help design them and even set up game studios. I only hope that my documentary can bring attention to this issue.

Gamer Girls - Playing on an Equal Platform?, 2019