March 25, 2020

Why am I split?

Liam Armstrong, 17

My piece represents myself being in two minds. The right side is green and emotionless, representing my silent envy of how everyone else seemingly manages to cope with life, and how I’m unable to fully express my pain and angst. The left side is pinker tones, with a warm background to emulate my inside feelings. The face has an aggravated expression to which represents the emotions I truly feel. That I’m angry, annoyed, pained by life. And how this is brutally effecting me. By merging these two faces side by side, my aim was to express the constant agonising battle that I face everyday. How I manage to keep my face emotionlessly and my pain hidden away. As seen in the piece, the faces merge and blend together in the middle, showing how each of these personalities are slowly effecting the other, and how the battle to keep the to separate is becoming increasingly difficult.

Li-am, 2020Acrylic, Oil Pastel, PencilA1