November 15, 2019

Why am I allergic to noise?

Marcy Campbell, 17

Sensory issues are hell.
Sometimes, noise can overwhelm me to the point that I’d like to evaporate into thin air. Flickering lights make me feel like my eyes are going to fall out of their sockets, and the persistent buzzing of a fly can bring me to tears.
My sensory issues won’t go away, and they’re just one little part of a larger disorder; my autism.
Autism isn’t very well understood by the majority of people, so often, individuals will expect me to simply overcome my sensory issues, or lose them with age. This makes me wish that the way I feel could manifest physically, and my feelings could be understood without me explaining them verbally, as talking can be very difficult.
The easiest way for me to explain my senses, is to say that I’m almost allergic to the world around me; though that sounds quite dramatic.
This painting is a depiction of what I believe that would look like.

Allergies, 2019Gesso, oil paints, thinning medium and alcohol marker on paper29.7x42.0cm (A3)