September 13, 2019

Whose responsibility is it to maintain A, the world and B, a relationship; and how are the two connected?

Rayn Epremian, 26

‘Letters from Electron City’ explores a futuristic virtual world that is falling apart from digital corruption, resulting in problems similar to those we face today with climate change. As the protagonist searches for the root of the problem, her communication with those she left behind in the ‘real world’ begins to lapse. The story questions the role of individuals, governments, and corporations in maintaining a livable environment, while at the same time asking similar questions about interpersonal relationships. What are the correlations between healthy relationships and a healthy world? And when people are required to move from one place to another to find a purpose or make a living, what does abandonment mean? As our society becomes increasingly spread out and reliant on digital communication, these questions beg investigation. Another theme explored in this story is the relationship between body, mind, and identity; how much is a person defined by their physical form, and how might people benefit from having more choice over their bodies? What does a body mean in a digital world, and does taking on a virtual form increase or decrease a person’s agency? As medical and technological advancements progress, these, too, are pertinent questions.

Letters from Electron City,