WatercolourFractured, 23 x 18cm

“Fractured” is, in a sense, a picture of anyone and everyone. It represents the different faces we all wear in our day to day lives, and the inner feelings that often remain unexpressed and unseen by others. It represents negative human emotions such as confusion, anxiety, grief and fear; emotions that all of humanity has experienced during the Covid pandemic. But also, the painting represents learning, forgiveness, peace, acceptance and hope, and these are the things that we will all need more than ever moving forward. While illustrating facets of human personality, the piece poses challenges to the viewer, prompting questions and discussion. Who is this person? Are the faces all the same person? What is he thinking? What was the artist thinking? What does it mean? Do I like it? Do I hate it? Does it matter? I hope it is compelling enough to make people stop and engage with it, regardless of liking or disliking. My intention is for the viewer to question, decipher and judge, and for their curiosity to stir something inside and prompt further questions – and hopefully some answers – about themselves.