mixed media#52buildingsedinburgh, 2019A4

As architecture has defined our old towns, it has equally defined our new towns and will continue to define our future towns. How? How does this affect where and how we live? This stitched mixed media artwork is part of a series of 52 buildings showing off the beauty of Old Town and New Town architecture. It hints at perfection within the straight lines and beauty through the use of copper gilt. Within this perfection, there’s also so much imperfection. Lines can be defined but not necessarily controlled. Having spent much of my early adult life trying to control who I was and how I lived, I eventually realised through my behaviour patterns, that how I wanted to live and how I should live, were very much different things. A life well lived should no longer be defined by status or wealth. That wherever you are is where you’re meant to be. These buildings are my homes. They are your homes. This life as we live it now is exactly where we should be. More importantly, it’s where I want to be.