September 16, 2021

Whose Darkness Do You See?

Linda Hoskins

Her Calm Is Harmony, 2021150x120cm

There is something of the Divine in our skills to help weave humanity back together. To break down barriers between those who have opportunities or freedom of choice and those who don’t. Human Trafficking is a dark global undercurrent. It is easier to turn your head and look the other way. It is too big to fight alone. It is our responsibility to think differently. It was this very thought that birthed the ‘Stay Seen Project’. I create paintings that capture light breaking through the darkness. We all carry our own shadows, so these paintings offer hope to the one who created, the one who views and the one whom it helps beyond that. A percentage of every art work goes to supporting the charity Surviours of Human Trafficking in Scotland. There is something satisfying to me that as my paintings are hung across the UK the conversation might turn toward those who are exploited and people may find themselves wanting to do their own little bit to help. They are ‘affordable’ because inequality pisses me off, and art is not primarily for the rich but I still hold the tension that many are still excluded who can’t afford it.