January 31, 2020

Who’s Really Pulling The Strings?

Peter Benison

Do Humans Dream Of Reality?, 2020

Why is our world the way it is? Not physically, I think geologists and other scientists have nailed that. I think! Why is the social and economic world the way it is? Would any/most of us choose the world to be the way it is now? It is what it is? Is this how society on earth was always going to turn out? If you redistributed everything amongst the human race equally, within 50 years we would be back at the current state of affairs? Are there greater forces at work? For good? For bad? For a laugh, to pass the time? Who or what is pulling the strings? Or running the game? Could it be that the ‘creator’ is such a huge fan of comedy that they are developing a set of circumstances to give rich, unlimited seams of material for comedians the world over? For ever more? There must be a reason for the huge rise in the number of comedians. Or is it all just chance? A random spark of a mixture of carbon and proteins 3.7 billion years ago? Perhaps, but where’s the fun in that?